Allah Confirms the Integrity of the Bible in the AD 610s (Torah, Tanakh, Gospels, and More)


A frequent claim of Islamic scholars and apologists is that the Bible (that is, the Scriptures of the Jews and Christians) was corrupted at some point and that what Jews and Christians have now has been altered somehow and is no longer reliable. However, this doctrine is an innovation. It is not in the Quran. If the Scriptures have been altered, they must have been altered after the time of Muhammad, or otherwise Allah is lying to Muslims, or Allah is too stupid to know that the Scriptures were corrupted and also too weak to stop it.

Here are the places that Allah rejects the innovation that the Scriptures of the Christians and Jews could have been corrupted in the time of Muhammad.

I will add to them as I translate the Quran.

Surah 87:

  1. Certainly, he has succeeded who purifies himself,
  2. And remembers the name of his Lord and prays.
  3. Nay! You (all) prefer the present life
  4. And the next life is better and more lasting.
  5. Indeed, this surely is in the former Scriptures,
  6. The Scriptures of Ibrahim (Abraham) and Musa (Moses).

Here we learn that the Quran is currently confirmed by the Scriptures of the Jews.

Surah 74:

  1. And we have not made (anyone) companions of the Fire except Angels. And we have not made their number except as a trial for those who disbelieve–that those who were given the Book may be made certain and those who believe may increase in faith, and that those who were given the Book and the believers may not doubt, and that those (with) disease in their hearts and the disbelievers may say, “What does Allah intend by this example?” Thus Allah leads stray whom he wills, and he guides whom he wills. And none knows the hosts of your Lord except him. And it is naught but a reminder to human beings.

We have three groups here: the believers (Muslims), people following an earlier revelation from the great Book (the Jews and Christians), and the pagan unbelievers. Here, Allah assures his hearers that the other people who have been given a Book (that is, Christians, Jews, and possibly others) will be able to confirm the Quran through their parts of the Book.

Author: Marya Harb