Surah 94: Ash-Sharh, or The Expansion

"Al-Anfal (60)" by Mahmoud Helmy is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
  1. Did we not expand your breast for you
  2. And delivered you of your burden,
  3. That which weighed down your back,
  4. And lifted up you your fame?
  5. So indeed, with the hardship is ease.
  6. Indeed, with the hardship is ease.
  7. So when you are empty, toil,
  8. And so desire your Lord.

2. Same word as childbirth, so “delivered” is a perfect translation.

4. This is more “your remembrance” (or your memory) but since he’s not dead, in English, “fame” fits better–this is more of the remember/reminder word family.