Surah 102: al-Takaathur, or The Piling Up

"Al-Anfal (60)" by Mahmoud Helmy is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
  1. Hoarding up diverts you
  2. Until you visit* the graves,
  3. Nay! Soon you shall know.
  4. Again, nay! Soon you shall know.
  5. Nay! If you know [with] a knowledge (of) certainty!
  6. Surely you shall see the Hellfire.
  7. Again, surely you shall see it [with the] eye (of) certainty!
  8. Then that Day surely you shall be questioned about delight!

5. This is a counterfactual statement because of the form of the conditional, but the verb tense is imperfect instead of perfect, which is wrong and confusing. It was probably meant to say that you will wish that you’d known now what you will know in the hellfire. But it doesn’t. It took me a good five minutes to even figure out that ayah 6 isn’t the expected second clause of the conditional because the grammar was so strange.