Allah Commits Shirk

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Islam has a principle, based on the ahadith, that it is shirk, or idolatry, to swear by anything other than Allah or a title or name of Allah, because swearing by something in Arab culture means that it has supernatural power and is worthy of worship.

The legal scholars also generally agree that one can also swear by the Quran because it is Allah’s uncreated and eternal Word, which is a property of Allah. Sounds an awful like trinitarianism, doesn’t it? Jesus is the embodied and eternal Word of God, the uncreated and eternal Word who took on flesh and now operates outside of time and space. Curious how many Muslims pretend that the Trinity is just too complicated and impossible when their scholars assert that a dead book, somewhere in Heaven, is an intrinsic, uncreated, eternal property of Allah, which is also called modalism….

But that’s not here nor there. The purpose of this article is to document all the instances that Allah commits shirk in the Quran. Pagan poetry and storytelling had a convention of using much “swearing by” to establish the authenticity and the veracity of the storyteller or poet, and Allah adopts this same convention.

These will be added to as I translate the Quran.

Surah 92:

  1. By the night when it covers,
  2. And the day when it appears,
  3. And That Which created the male and the female,

Surah 74:

  1. Nay! By the moon
  2. And the night when it withdraws,
  3. And by the morning when it shines,

Surah 68:

  1. By the pen and what they compose,

Surah 89:

  1. By the dawn
  2. And ten nights
  3. And the even and the odd,
  4. And the night when it journeys on,
  5. Is there in that (not) an oath for him who discriminates?

Author: Marya Harb